California “Nazi” themed clothing company, Hoelzer Reich is now banned from sponsoring any fighters at future UFC and WEC events.

This issue was first raised when Joe Brammer walked out for his fight in Ultimate Fighter 10 finale wearing a piece of clothing by the brand.

WEC manager Reed Harris expressed his issues with the brand today on MMA Junkie’s radio show, and told Yahoo! Sports shortly after that Zuffa, LLC will not allow its athletes to wear Hoelzer Reich clothing in the cage at UFC and WEC events.

Harris was quoted saying; “I’ll tell you my personal opinion: I’m against any group that obviously portrays the white, Aryan stuff, or any of that stuff. I don’t know if that necessarily involves [Hoelzer Reich]. I’ve been told that it may. If it does, I’m not going to support it. That’s my own opinion. If you look at our fighters, we are a diverse group. If you go to our office and look at who works there – I’ve worked for a lot of companies – it’s the most diverse group of people I’ve ever worked with, and it’s wonderful. I’m not sure how [Hoelzer Reich sponsorships] are all going to play out, but I’ve started to kind of look into it myself. I’m not sure if it’s something that’s going to work in the WEC.”

Hoelzer Reich is still claiming there is nothing “Nazi-ish” about their clothing brand, and according to them they are just making clothes “based on our interest of WWI and WWII Germany.” and are proud of their German heritage and thats the only reason they often model their tee designs off Nazi military symbols. When asked about their feelings on the iron cross they say it is “a symbol of courage, honor, and leadership.” Ohhh Reallyyyyyy…..

Hoelzer Reich goes on to say; “We do not have any political affiliations with any organizations, nor specific views of any controversial parties. Our interest in the Iron Cross and German history comes strictly from a historical and ancestral standpoint. For many years, we have collected German memorabilia dating back to the early 1800’s which has been passed through the family for generations.The iron cross symbol and other German-inspired imagery used on our apparel dates back hundreds of years, and does not depict a certain time of German History.”

Uhm nice try guys but i have to ask, what about bratwurst, lederhosen, and other cool German stuff? Or are Nazis just the coolest part of German heritage? I’d have to “nein” to that.