Not long after Georges St. Pierre’s head trainer made some headline grabbing comments, which supposedly relayed that the welterweight champ might consider retiring after his bout with Johny Hendricks, Firas Zahabi says his words were taken out of context.

The buzz was created after Zahabi told the Canadian French language outlet TVA Sports, that if GSP didn’t feel motivated to fight again after UFC 167, he would retire. Plenty of people in the MMA world took this to mean that the 32 year-old St. Pierre might be already looking towards retirement.┬áThe Tri Star coach says the context was lost in translation, however, as this has been the renowned fighter’s position for some time. In other words, the champion isn’t thinking about calling it quits.

As Zahabi relayed to “UFC Tonight’s” Ariel Helwani (quote via MMA

“GSP has always that said if he loses the drive to really go through with a great training camp and push himself, then he will retire,” Zahabi said through Helwani. “GSP’s camp has been his best in years, last two not so great, because he was so rusty because of the knee injury.”

Zahabi is referring to the fact that St. Pierre didn’t fight for well over a year, due to knee surgery he underwent in 2011. The P4P contender returned to action in November, 2012, and defeated interim champ Carlos Condit by unanimous decision at UFC 154.

While St. Pierre may not be thinking about hanging up the gloves yet, it will be interesting to see what comes next for the champion, if he gets by Hendricks. It will also be interesting to see what goes down if St. Pierre loses. UFC 167 is going to be a crazy night.

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