Well, John Cholish’s groin injury seems to have placed the originally proposed Jeremy Stephens back against Yves Edwards. Stephens famously could not fight Edwards at UFC on FX 5 due to an outstanding warrant where cops picked him up the morning of the fights. Dana White tried everything he could to make the fight happen, but the cops were very unhelpful, going back on their word multiple  times to release Stephens from their custody for an absurd amount of “bail money.” White promised to allow Edwards to fight before the year was out, and even paid him his show money for the FX card after the bout was cancelled.

That was not enough for Edwards who at the age of 36 still thoroughly enjoys the thrill that competition gives him. Once thought of as the uncrowned lightweight champion of the UFC, Edwards was eliminated from that conversation after a career worse 1-5 stretch. He made it back into the octagon on a 4-1 fight streak where he finished three of those four wins. While only 3-2 since coming back to the octagon, he could easily be 4-1 since the loss to Tony Ferguson was one that could have went either way.

Jeremy Stephens has fought in the octagon for over six years, and his career has had its ups and downs. No matter how close he gets to being released, he always seems to bounce back. That could spell doom for Edwards as Stephens is currently on a two fight losing streak. Another loss could have Stephens on the outs, but fighters have survived in the past losing three straight, all though it is rare. Nonetheless, this should be a very exciting fight for the fans, and should quench Edwards thirst for an entertaining match.