UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell says the recent controversies surrounding Anderson Silva had a big effect on him.

Rothwell, who is 35-9 in his MMA career, describes himself as a longtime fan of “The Spider” — but, following the Brazilian MMA legend’s failed PED tests and a disastrous appearance before the Nevada Athletic Commission earlier this year,  those days are over.

“I’m going to say it, Anderson Silva destroyed his legacy,” Rothwell said on The MMA Hour (as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti). “Not because he got busted, but after the fact, him continually denying, showing just what a coward he is. No respect from me whatsoever.”

Silva’s defense, that his test was due to a tainted off-brand sexual enhancement drug, didn’t impress Nevada officials — and Rothwell called it “a disgrace.”

“You were tested multiple times,” Rothwell said of Silva. “You had these substances in your body. Like, who are you trying to lie to? You got busted. You’re a cheat. You f–ked up. Royally. Why are you going to sit here and continue to say you didn’t do it? It’s a disgrace. And you’re not a man. You’re not a man. I don’t care. You can throw some good punches and kicks, but inside as a person, you are gone. You’re nothing.”

Rothwell tested positive for elevated testosterone levels and received a suspension after a 2013 bout. But, he says, he accepted fault where Silva wouldn’t.

“I said it’s my fault,” Rothwell said. “It’s 100-percent my fault. Even though a doctor was prescribing it and overlooking everything, it’s not the doctor’s fault. It was my choice. And that’s it. That’s the difference between me and Anderson Silva.”