Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The drug test given by Yoel Romero to the USADA did come back for a banned substance.

But, according to Romero’s manager, it was not because of his fighter taking anything on purpose.

Malki Kawa, appearing on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, disclosed that the drug test was positive because of a contaminated substance that Romero took. He was expected to earn a title fight with Luke Rockhold after defeating Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, but that went to former champion Chris Weidman.

“The substance has a label with a bunch of stuff on it,” Kawa said. “None of that is illegal to take. What he popped for is not on the label. It’s obviously not his fault that he popped for it.”

Kawa confirmed that they sent the USADA the supplement to be tested and it contained the banned substance. The substance in question was not disclosed by Kawa because it remains under investigation.

As for what might happen with Romero at this time, he could face anything from a warning to a two-year suspension. Kawa, though, does not expect a two-year ban, adding “I don’t think (that) would be fair.”