He’s been busted for banned substances and he’s done some shady stuff in the cage, but it’s undeniable that Yoel Romero hasn’t at least risen to the ranks of the elite of the middleweight division.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting money fights – or breaking up a money fight – all those wins don’t mean much.

Romero should be fighting champ Michael Bisping for the belt. Too bad Bisping has a date with returning star Georges St. Pierre – a match-up that would likely garner the UFC far more pay-per-view dollars than if Romero and Bisping were to scrap. This knowledge hangs heavy over Romero, and yet it hasn’t discouraged him from hurling insults on social media in an effort to build interest. Obviously, as long as GSP is ready and able to fight, Romero will have to take a backseat. But hey! Good effort, man!