At a time when the UFC is one of the many parties trying to keep wrestling in the Olympics, the company continues to advocate for the addition of MMA to the historic event. After all, Pankration (which is a really, really old school version  of MMA) was practiced in some of the earliest Olympics Games.

While some pundits doubt whether the Olympics will ever come on board with MMA, that hasn’t deterred the UFC and others from trying (it is worth noting that MMA is not typically called ‘human cockfighting’ anymore). In a recent interview with Reuters, the UFC’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific , Mark Fischer, relayed he believes MMA could secure an Olympic spot within 20 years. Better late than never.

Fischer also added that the sport deserves to be in the Olympics due to it’s “prominence” all over the world, and that further:

“Mixed martial arts, under the global leadership of UFC and us really inspiring and pushing the envelope, I think has a great chance to become an Olympic sport because it is participated now by countries literally all over the world.

“Because of the interest, because of the investment now the startups, gyms, promotions etc that are going into mixed martial arts, then we are very confident that we are going to have the weight behind this movement to be in the Olympics.”

MMA in the Olympics: not only would that be awesome from a spectator’s perspective, but it would be huge for aspiring fighters and martial arts as  a whole. Of course, none of this should take the focus off ensuring wrestling remains a part of the games as well.

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