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Thiago Alves was supposed to fight Mike Perry at tonight’s UFC Fight Night in Pittsburgh, but couldn’t for undisclosed reasons. Now we know why.

Last weekend, a major hurricane struck Florida – where Alves lives – and though he vowed to weather the storm, it was the aftermath that really knocked him for a loop. First, his dog died, then he literally could not leave the state because all flights in and out of Florida were cancelled.

Here’s BloodyElbow with the scoop:

Brazilian welterweight Thiago Alves had to endure many consequences after deciding to not leave his home in Coconut Creek, Florida, when Hurricane Irma was approaching. Not only he was unable to get a flight for his UFC Pittsburgh fight against Mike Perry due to closed airports, which led to the cancellation of the bout, he also had to live at the gym with his family.

“His house was out of power, so he had to move to the gym with his family. It was some tough times,” Marcos Parrumpinha, Alves’ coach, told Portal do Vale Tudo. “He had a Bulldog that ended up dying because he couldn’t breathe due to the air conditioner. He tried to fly to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, but all flights were cancelled.”