Two women stand in the limelight of the world of WMMA: Cris Cyborg, and Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey. Cyborg has formerly held the Featherweight Championship in Strikeforce, and won the inaugural Invicta FC Featherweight title. Rousey held the title of Bantamweight champion in Strikeforce, and is the first and present women’s Bantamweight champion in the UFC. Cyborg is 12-1, with one no contest for testing positive for steroids, yet came back from her ban by winning her first two fights by TKO. Rowdy is currently undefeated, with all seven of her wins resulting from arm bar. Cyborg is one of the most physically dominant women in her sport, while Rousey is the current queen of the MMA world. And as happens whenever two titans rise, the world wonders which of them would defeat the other.

No one has managed to stop Ronda Rousey as of yet, or even fight off her armbar attempts. Cyborg is more physically dominant than most women and some men. If these two warriors were to clash, the world would finally know who the most dominant woman in WMMA is. Both of them are world-class athletes, but neither is a true legend yet due to one simple fact: they have yet to be challenged. They have both faced opponents so far below their respective levels that losing was far from reality. Rousey isn’t proving anything by beating Miesha Tate, and Cyborg will never rise to her true potential fighting in a regional promotion like Invicta FC.

The animosity between the two is definitely there, and when Rousey was asked about Cyborg’s decision to turn down a fight against her at UFC 157 (allegedly due to money issues), Rowdy replied,

“I don’t have to fight her at 145. I’m the one who has the belt. She’s the one that should come to me. And I’m not going to be making exceptions or bending over backwards for someone who is a cheater and a disgrace. I think that’s the wrong message to be sending.”

However, before her fight with Coenen, Cyborg replied to Ronda’s statement when asked if she thought the UFC champ was getting any better.

“No I don’t,” says Cyborg, “I think she’s the same thing. But she try better, I think.”

The trash talking has been building up, and this fight could definitely happen. Whether Dana White will create the opportunity for a superfight is a completely different story altogether. Perhaps Cyborg will be the one tough enough to fight off Rowdy’s armbar, or maybe Ronda Rousey is technical enough to bring Cyborg to the ground and finish her. Whatever the case, we will never know until the gap between their two promotions is forded, and until that happens neither of them will truly be the greatest.