Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel that? They way the birds are chirping, the dogs are lazily napping in the grass, and the Earth is rotating smoothly? That’s the universe in balance. And it comes in part from the fact that Jon Jones is now a UFC champ again, but also because Cris Cyborg has ascended to her rightful place on the throne as queen of all the UFC’s featherweight females.

Yup, it’s been a long time coming, but the best 145-pound female fighter is finally officially recognized as champ.

So… who should she fight next?

It’s hard to imagine many on the UFC’s roster being able to deal with the striking prowess Cyborg wields. However, one name comes to mind, and guess what? She a former champ.

It is, apparently, a fight Cyborg wants as well. What do you think? Should this one happen?