Dana White seems to have heard enough of the “bitching” about fighters pay for the prelim fighters and he has a solution. Take the bonuses out, which are usually given to the already rich main card fighters and distribute it to the lower tier talent. Check out his words from the recent UFC 162 scrum:

“The bonuses were something we’ve been doing out of the kindnesses of our fuckin’ hearts. That’s not something that was ever done or structured. We started doing it and that was it. It was something we liked to do, thought it was a cool thing to do. Apparently people don’t like it. They want the lower-level guys to get paid more money…. That’s what I’m thinking about doing. All the fuckin lower-level guys think they need their money boosted. Everyone thinks it’s not enough money, so that’s easy to do.”

A little communistic, but not the worst idea. Let’s see what Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tim Kennedy, War Machine, Randy Couture, Jon Fitch and Jacob Volkmann think of Dana’s suggestion. Doesn’t really effect those men, outside of Tim Kennedy who is fighting at UFC 162 as he was also recently asked to apologize for his comments.