It’s no secret that UFC president Dana White has no love for Jon Jones’ head coach Greg Jackson. After White learned that it was in fact Jackson who talked Jones out of taking the late notice fight against Chael Sonnen at 151, White made it a point to trash Jackson in the media any chance he got. It seems we will not be hearing the bad mouthing of Jackson anymore however, as White tells that he has struck a deal with the light heavyweight champ to lay off his his head trainer.

“So, when I sat down with Jon Jones and we talked, I made a deal with Jon. I’m not going to say anything about Greg Jackson. I think you guys know my opinion and how I feel. It hasn’t changed. I’m just not going to talk about Greg Jackson. It’s good news. I will keep my big mouth shut about Greg Jackson. That’s part of my deal with Jones. It’s not that I dislike the guy. I don’t dislike him at all. It’s just his philosophies, his business philosophies. His business conflicts with my business. That’s the big problem. I do think Jon Jones’ arm would be feeling a lot better right now if he didn’t listen to Greg Jackson and that’s all I’m going to say.”

White would not give further details as to what was in it for him, but with Jones continuing to grow his accolades with another title fight finish – it’s no surprise that White would agree in order to keep his fighter happy. Most recently Jones was seen finishing former champ Vitor Belfort via fourth round Americana at UFC 152.