At yesterday’s press conference in Sydney Australia, Dana White confirmed what many suspected, the winner of the Nogeuira vs. Velasquez fight will get an immediate title shot against Brock Lesnar.

Even though it was slightly expected that the winner of the interim heavyweight title fight against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, would get first dibs on Lesner, it will either be Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira or Cain Velasquez.

“Brock is back in the heavyweight division now,” White said. “He’s healthy, and he’s going to fight again. Mir and Carwin are going to fight for the interim title because that fight was already made before Brock said he was coming back.
The winner of this fight puts them right in the mix because something could happen to either Shane or Mir in that fight where they couldn’t fight Brock, so the winner of this fight would fight Brock.”

An exact date for when Lesnar will be back has not yet been determined, but mid-summer is what UFC and Brock are aiming for.

White also stated earlier that he hope to get the March Mir vs. Carwin title out of the way, so UFC could focus on getting an opponent for Brock.

“In a perfect scenario, Mir and Carwin fight, one of them wins, comes out healthy, and then we do the Brock fight,” White said.

But as it was recently confirmed, that will longer be the case, it is now between Nogueira and Velasquez.