Middleweight stand-out Vitor Belfort may be trying to sell a case for a rematch against light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, but it doesn’t sound like the UFC’s buying it.

During yesterdays pre-fight press conference, the question of who’s next for Vitor Belfort, after dismantling the proposed top contender Michael Bisping came up. To this UFC president Dana White was quick to say Strikeforce import “Luke Rockhold.”

“Rockhold,” White said. “That’s what we’re talking about.”

The 10-1 champ is ready to make the move to the UFC and it looks like he will get no soft pitches as he steps in the cage. If Belfort could manage to knock off one or two more top five competitors, we may be looking at Belfort vs. Silva II according to White.

“If Vitor beats Bisping and he knocks off a couple contenders at 185, it’s hard not to give him a title shot again.”

White could not give an exact date as this time (since it’s still in talks), but he did comment on Belfort’s call out after defeating Bisping in Brazil.

“[It was] weird he called out Jones,” White said.