It was a great night of fights this past Sat. for the UFC. Unfortunately the pay-per-view and live gate did not reflect the entertainment value. The problem was not any of Zuffa’s according to UFC president Dana White, but bad timing for Denver, Colorado. That was not the only ‘kick in the balls‘ as White puts it – the DirecTV feed reportedly went black for thousands of subscribers who were then given refunds.

“Did you head about that? Yeah. DirecTV went down tonight. We couldn’t get kicked in the balls worse than we did tonight. DirectTV went down… It couldn’t go down last night, right? It had to go down tonight… They dropped it. Whatever happened, DirecTV went down. Black… Never (happened before).”

“Worst gate since 2007, for a pay-per-view, since 2007,” said White, adding “without a doubt.”

To get a look at how bad the gate, compare UFC 150’s $650,000 to to UFC 148 with $7,000,000.

“We’ve been talking about it. The shootings here, the fires that have been going on here. It’s been a really bad summer for this place. Once all that stuff started going down, we kinda felt it was not gonna be a good gate here.”‘

“It’s a big number. Huge number. Fun night (not).”

“It’s been a bad summer for this place man. So I’m actually happy that the people who did come had a fun