Although as the record stands now, Abel Trujillo did not score a victory at UFC Fight Night 27, but the lightweight did defeat Roger Bowling in the eyes of Dana White and will be paid accordingly.

If you missed the preliminary card tilt, the fight was called to a halt in round two, after Trujillo hit Bowling with a couple of knees while he was technically down. The Blackzilians’ fighter also pounded Bowling with a right hand before the ref intervened.

Trujillo immediately started claiming he had hit Bowling to the chest, and not the head, but it was all for nothing. Doctors ruled Bowling couldn’t continue and the bout was declared a no-contest.

At any rate, White evidently believes the knees did not hit Bowling in the head, as the UFC boss man announced during the post fight presser (comments via MMA

“Those shots were not illegal,” White said. “The first one hit him in the chest, and the second hit him in the shoulder.”

“That kid should’ve won that fight, and I’m going to pay him his win bonus,”

So, that’s huge news for Trujillo, who was coming off a one-sided unanimous decision loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in May, after stopping Marcus LeVesseur last December. ¬†As for Trujillo, he was still claiming after the bout that the strikes were legal ,and reportedly said Bowling “acted his way to a no contest.” Ouch.

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