John Dodson showed zero signs of ring rust Saturday at UFC 166, as although he hadn’t fought in almost ten months, he blasted through Darrell Montague in less than five minutes. Not only that, Dodson picked “Knockout of the Night” and an extra $60,000 for the win, which was the 15th of his career.

After his fight, however, Dodson relayed to the media that he wants to fight again as soon as possible. In fact, “The Magician” reportedly begged the UFC to get him another fighter in the coming months. Of course, other fighters have also said they would love to fight more than just twice or three times a year.

So, after the event Dana White was asked to comment on Dodson’s comments, and here’s what the UFC President had to say about the scheduling issues (comments via MMA

“Our roster is too full,” White said after the October 19th card. “Guys have to get fights.”

“Every time after a show we cut a guy, and they’re like, ‘F–k you, Dana White. You’re an idiot. This guy is’ – shut the f–k up,” he said. “Let us run our business. The roster’s too full, and we want to be good to guys that deserve to be good to.”

White also took the opportunity to discuss the recent release of Yushin Okami, who was let go after he was stopped by “Jacare” Souza at UFC FN 29 in September. Since Okami had gone 13-5 in the promotion, the move certainly surprised some fans and pundits.

“Guys like (Yushin) Okami – I like Okami a lot. He’s a great guy. But when guys lose, (or) when guys are at certain points in their career, or whatever it might be, guys have to be cut to thin this roster out, so guys like Dodson can continue to fight.”

So, looks like another round of cuts could be not far off. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.