Following news of Stefan Struve’s physicians discovering an aortic valve leak as well as an enlarged heart, the UFC heavyweight’s management was forced to announce his hiatus from the sport. In good spirits, Struve says he will return. Realistically, UFC President Dana White does not the return happening…

“Yea, what he has is a serious condition, you know, and I honestly don’t think he ever will [fight again],” White said. “He’s got a rip in his heart,” he explained. “And you know, it’s one of those freak things that happen to people, and I love the kid. The kid’s got, no pun intended, but he’s got unbelievable heart. He’s tough as nails. He’s the nicest guy in the world, and we’re going to do everything in our power to help him through this thing.” – CBS Washington’s 106.7 The Fan


Here’s what Struve himself had to say last on the situation.

“We’ll see what the medication does for my heart and the doctors will give their final view, and I’ll get the final answer on my career. The thing is, they’re (his doctors in Holland) not used to working with athletes. After they give their answer, we’re definitely going to the United States for a second opinion to see what is best so I can resume my career and live a healthy life.”

Either way, the career of Stefan Struve is already an entertaining one. We send our best wished Skyscrape.