Is that a threat?

Not only has Chael Sonnen’s recent risque comment on R&B singer Rihanna landed him in trouble with his broadcast employers at Fox, but it has also now angered one of his now former biggest fans of his act. Unfortunately that fan happens to be his boss at the UFC. Dana White sounded none to pleased as he spoke to media on his employees recent comments.

“First of all, the joke wasn’t that funny. He’s not a comedian, and you can’t make fun of domestic violence or any other thing. He’s a sports commentator and he’s got to knock that shit off. He’s got to stop. He’s got to stop or it’s not going to be good. Chael needs to stop the comedy and do what he’s on that show to do. He’s great at it. He’s super talented. Leave the jokes to the comedians.”

Not surprising, Sonnen has since kept out of the lime-light, letting the flames burn off. In the meantime he prepares behind closed doors for former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans at UFC 167 on Nov. 16. The two will help co-headline what is expected to be the biggest UFC event to date — Weidman vs. Silva II.

Here’s the full scrum from yesterday: