Although a “super fight” between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones is off, thanks to Chris Weidman’s violent reminder that fighting with your hands below your waist can result in disaster, Dana White says the former champ could still meet Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match. Sure, that’s not what most MMA fans want to hear right now, but according to the UFC President, Jones Jr. is still down for the fight.

While speaking to the press after last night’s card, White was asked if a Silva-Jones Jr. bout is also off, considering what had just happened. According to MMA, White responded:

“Oh no. Roy is still saying, ‘Let me tell you what we can do.’ He was saying all kinds of s—. He still wants that fight.”

White also conceded that the widely reported discussions the two were going to have hasn’t gotten very far yet, and considering what went down last night, most fans are probably not spending too much time wondering if Silva and Jones Jr. are going to battle.

“Even if Anderson came back out in that second round and knocked him out, I still don’t know what the answer was,” White said. “I brought him out here to talk. A crazy fight like that, like a boxing match between two guys, you’ve got to sit down and find out what expectations are. What are your expectations? What do you want to get out this thing? What are you thinking?”

In addition, despite the fact Silva hasn’t asked to rematch Weidman, White insists that the 38 year-old legend is “going to want to redeem himself”, and as a result, Silva-Weidman II takes precedence.

Heading into UFC 162, Silva repeated that he still wants to box Jones Jr. at some point, and added he might look to after fighting Weidman. Since White hasn’t been ”warm’ to the idea in the past, plenty of people were surprised last week, when he announced Jones Jr. was coming to Las Vegas to talk about the possibility of fighting Silva. The decorated boxer reportedly said he’s also considering transitioning to MMA.

Rematch with Weidman, or not, somehow it’s hard to imagine Silva getting booked to box Jones Jr. next. Then again, perhaps it’s exactly the kind of ‘break’ the former champ is looking for.