Are you trolling us Dana? It has almost been four years now that Anderson Silva has talked about his desire to fight boxing great Roy Jones Jr. Of course that is a bit of a problem, considering that Anderson wants a boxing fight and the UFC doesn’t do boxing. According to UFC president however, that doesn’t mean that talks on the fight are out of the question.

“It’s not that I’m necessarily interested in this,” said White. “Anderson Silva’s the greatest fighter of all time, you know, he’s a guy who’s never lost in the UFC, I respect him — he wants to fight Roy Jones. So Roy and I are friends. I called Roy and I said, ‘Listen, you know about this?’ He says, ‘I know about it.’ I say, ‘You interested?’ He says, ‘I’m going to come out to Vegas this weekend.’ So Roy and I have been talking and we’ll see what happens. I don’t know [if the fight will happen]. I don’t know. He’s coming out and we’re going to talk.” -via MMAFighting

Talking is a good start, but what would be the parameters? Would the UFC put on their first boxing fight? Would RJJ transfer into MMA as we saw with boxing champ James Toney? Is Dana just yanking the media’s chain? Either way, we’re looking forward to follow-up questions. Let us know your thoughts below. Would you really like to see Anderson vs. Jones Jr instead of Jon Jones?