Following the successful debut of women’s MMA in the UFC, it was no surprise that the former face of women’s MMA was brought into the conversation. UFC president Dana White clarified Saturday night that with recent talks of Gina Carano not fully retired, he wouldn’t mind welcoming the former Strikeforce champ into the UFC.

“If Gina came back and said she wanted to fight again, we’d take her back,” said White.   “I’m not going to pursue her, I’m happy for her. She hasn’t told me, but I’ve heard that she’s said she would be interested in coming back, but I’m not going to push her.  But if she wants to come back, I wouldn’t say no either.”

“Gina’s a movie star.  Gina’s out making movies.  I actually liked that she made it and she went on to do movies and other things, I like that.  I like to see that happen,” said Dana White when speaking to reporters after UFC 157 ended about the former Strikeforce fighter.”

Carano was also active, showing her support on Twitter during the fight.

Carano may have left the door open for her return, but with the recent confirmation of her shooting the female version of The Expendables, as well as her weight class not being part of the UFC (yet), it’s hard to imagine that we will in fact see the return of “Conviction” in the cage.