It was disappointing news to many fans as they learned that the newly made title fight between featherweight champ Jose Aldo and former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar had fell apart due to Jose Aldo’s hairline fracture in his foot from a motorcycle accident in Brazil. The cancellation of the bout will not be permanent however as UFC president Dana White clarifies that the fight is still in works with Aldo having a short hiatus to recover.

“Frankie stepped up and took that fight,” White said. “Aldo, from what we’re hearing, doesn’t look like he’ll be out that long, so we’ll redo it.

“Frankie Edgar jumps in to camp and starts spending money again. Camp costs money. These things aren’t free. You don’t just go to the gym and everything is free. He’s got to put some time and effort into it, start calling in sparring partners and trying to find people. He was well into that when Aldo got hurt, so we’re going to give it to him.”

Many were quick to criticize Aldo for taking such a risk, riding a motorcycle around the streets of Brazil, which lead to his injury. White does express some disappointment, but it is not enough to anger the face of the UFC.

“It’s not that I’m angry at him, it’s just – come on, man,” White said. “I understood when you were fighting for the WEC and you made $4,000 and $4,000. It’s tough to buy a car and pay your rent and everything you had going on. That dude has made some money. You made some money. Buy a car. Buy a nice car, a safe car.

In other organized, professional sports we hear of athletes having clauses in their contract stating that they are to refrain from anything that would risk their career. When White was asked if we could see that in the future, the answer seemed to point to no.

“If I say, ‘No [expletive] motorcycles,’ and a fighter rides a motorcycle anyway and hurts himself, what am I going to do?” White asked. “We can’t hurt him worse than he already hurt himself. Now he’s not going to make any money for a year-and-a-half. He’s not going to fight. He just lost a year-and-a-half of his career. He’s going to hurt himself more than I could ever hurt him.”

Could the fight be before the end of 2012? White seems to be hopeful of an early reschedule.

“I hope so,” White said. “It depends on Aldo. We’ve got to see where he’s really at.”