Following a recent interview with former champ, Frank Shamrock on Spike’s MMA Uncensored Live, word got back to UFC president that Shamrock had called White a ‘doucheof many other things. White now fires back at Shamrock’s comments through

“Frank Shamrock’s always talking smack. I don’t know what’s worse, Frank Shamrock talking smack like he should be in the Hall of Fame or Spike TV having him on. We have the biggest fight of the year coming up and they have Frank Shamrock on there, the most irrelevant dude on the planet.

Here’s the thing about the UFC Hall of Fame in all honesty, you know, the UFC Hall of Fame this is – these are guys that we have been inducting that have done a lot for the sport since we’ve (ZUFFA) have taken over, you know what I mean? Here’s a guy, you know, Frank Shamrock, Frank Shamrock hasn’t done anything for the new UFC.

And when I say the new UFC I mean the regulated, since it’s been regulated, since it’s been back on pay-per-view, mainstream television, all the things that have been done over the last 12 years, the guys who have been inducted have helped us get to where we are. Frank Shamrock isn’t one of those guys.”

Besides Shamrock’s long list of accolades, it has been said by Shamrock himself and some MMA historians that he was in fact a very prominent figure in helping regulate the sport. Ironically, the biggest savior of MMA, Dana White claims it’s utterly untrue. Even while both men work under the same Zuffa banner, no mending of bridges has taken place.