Do any of us really exist Dana? “Five and a half billion they’re sitting on!” was what we heard as Dana White talked on Bellator’s (majority owner Viacom) lack of will to pay Alvarez his value. White repeatedly goes on to call Bellator president  Bjorn Rebney as “Bjork,” (the singer?). Perhaps accidental, perhaps not.

“Understand guys, you’re not dealing with Bellator,” White stated. “Bellator doesn’t even exist anymore. Do you think fucking Bjork is running fucking Bellator? Do you think Bjork is running Bellator? Do you really think that? There’s no way in hell.”

“Viacom is running that company. They’re a multi-billion dollar [email protected]%ing business.

“One of the most powerful media companies on Earth. What’s the number they sit on? 5.5 billion in cash? 5.5 billion in cash. Break some off for [email protected]$%ing Eddie Alvarez and pay him what he deserves.”

White made specific notice of Viacom President and CEO Philippe Dauman, who was recenlty quoted says “in airing UFC fights and reality shows, Spike really built UFC from almost nothing.”

“They’re doing fucking 700,000 viewers and the numbers are dropping like fucking flies,” said White. “They better start leveraging something quick. But they built the UFC. You know that, right? Dauman said he built the UFC. Philippe Dauman is the pompous, arrogant guy who runs Viacom, who claims he built the UFC. Well whatever you did building the UFC, brother, you better fucking start doing it again because things aren’t looking good over there.”