Not only did Gilbert Melendez get back on track at UFC 166 by defeating Diego Sanchez, but he certainly did his part in putting on one of the greatest fights the sport’s ever seen. Going into the bout it was kind of a difficult position for Melendez to be in, since Sanchez is crazy, crazy tough but wasn’t ranked as a top ten lightweight.

Well, despite the fact Melendez didn’t take out one of the UFC’s top lightweights in terms of rankings, he did score some huge points with the MMA world and Dana White. Speaking after the memorable card, here’s what the UFC President had to say about the jaw dropping fight, and how “El Nino” fits into the title shot picture (comment via MMA

“In the 13 years since of being in this company, we’ve seen some amazing fights; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fight like that,” White said. “The fight was insane.”

“It’s very fortunate for him that Pettis won, because he just camp off a title shot against Henderson,” White said. “Now that Pettis is the champ, he’s definitely right back in the mix.”

Now it will be interesting to see who the UFC looks to have Melendez fight next. TJ Grant, Rafael dos Anjos  and Khabib Nurmagomedov have been on impressive runs, and a rematch with Benson Henderson could also be fascinating. Another big win and Melendez could be in line for another title shot sometime next year.

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