Due to all the hype surrounding Saturday’s Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman bout, you may have missed the fact that Nick Diaz said recently he wants to come out of retirement (no surprises there really). During last night’s media scrum, following Silva’s historic loss to Weidman at UFC 162, UFC President Dana White asked about Diaz and his request to get him a fight. Considering Diaz’s abilities and large following, White is predictably willing to accommodate the fascinating fighter.

“He said he broke up with his girlfriend, wants to fight, Dana get me a fight,” noted White about Diaz’s recent text. “Nick Diaz is under contract with the UFC. Whenever Nick Diaz wants to fight, I’d be more than happy to get him a fight.”

What White didn’t touch on, however, is the fact that Diaz also texted “”#might #have #to #slap #the #winner #tomorrow””. One would assume it was a reference to Silva and Weidman, since the welterweight has said in the past he’d only come out of retirement for a big fight (like a rematch with Georges St. Pierre or a bout with Silva). White probably didn’t mention it, because there’s zero chance Diaz is going to return and jump into a title shot at 185.

After that, White also relayed this story about Diaz, and it’s a doozy.

“Nick Diaz called me the other night and said all the hotels are sold out in Las Vegas, I need a hotel room. I said no problem kid I got you. Got him a hotel room, got it all set up, never f–kin showed up. He’s the best. Now I’m just starting to think he’s just f–king with me.”

Things are definitely much more interesting and entertaining when Diaz is in the picture. Now the question is whether Diaz will be willing to come back and face a top contender, rather than a champion, considering he’s lost two fights in a row.