Could Nick Diaz really self-sabotage himself once again in a title fight? After the fiasco that was UFC 137, with Nick missing his pre-fight conference, twice, he had forced the UFC’s hand to move him out of the headline title fight against Georges St-Pierre, to the co-main event against BJ Penn.

“This is a fight that he wanted,” said White. He really wanted this fight bad. And Georges St-Pierre called him out. He’s getting it. I expect Diaz to be there. Nick Diaz does not return my calls or texts. Nothing. It’s Nick Diaz. He doesn’t have to call me, he doesn’t have to text me.┬áBut he needs to show up to the press conference.”

Even UFC president Dana White admits he would be surprised if Diaz once again did not show up to a conference.

“I would be blown away if he did it twice. It just would not be a good move. The thing about Nick Diaz is that Nick Diaz shows up for fights. Nick Diaz shows up and fights his ass off. He is not a big fan of the pre-fight promotion, but you have to do it. Whether you’re Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva or whoever you are — it’s in your contract.”

“You can actually be cut. We can cut you for that. How fun would the press conferences be if nobody f—— showed up but me? It wouldn’t be too good. I’ve proved that you be punished if you don’t show up for those things. You either won’t fight the big fight that you were supposed to fight or you’ll be cut.” – Via