As GSP versus Carlos Condit nears close, UFC president Dana White seems to enjoy talking on a hypothetical (at this time) match-up between the sports two current longest running champs; GSP and Anderson Silva. Should the match-up be made, it’s assumable that it will be the largest selling gate in UFC history. But what venues would carry such a super-fight? We found out during the recent UFC 154 press conference that White has already given this some serious thought.

“Obviously, there’s three great venues that you’d do,” said White. “We could go to Toronto, huge stadium there, Dallas, Texas stadium or a soccer stadium in Brazil. This fight has to happen people. It’s fun to talk about this super-fight, but I’m sure it’s pissing Carlos off every time it’s asked. We’ve been talking to the Cowboys guys for a while. Whenever we want to do an event there, they’re ready for it.”

All of these locations would have the capacity to surpass the current UFC 129 record at 12.1 millions with 55,000 fans packed in at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Should St-Pierre be given the home court advantage, there would likely be some changes made to the Stadium to ensure the record is broken again.

In 2012 the UFC has taken notice that the country of Brazil and Canada is becoming a second home to the sport as the fans have proven to be loyal to all products produced. The decision will likely come down to the country with the highest point of interest in the match-up and that may not be in the U.S. surprisingly.