Although Joe Lauzon has had some setbacks in the Octagon, the lightweight is also one of the UFC’s best finishers and of course, bonus award collectors. Heading into UFC Fight Night 26 he was tied with Anderson Silva for the lead with 12. While some people may have predicted Michael Johnson would defeat his fellow TUF vet Saturday night, not too many folks likely called what went down.

As you likely know, Johnson went on to score a one sided, unanimous decision win over Lauzon, which left the latter bruised and battered. How dominant was Johnson’s win? Well, after the card, Dana White described the bout as  “one of the most lopsided, one-sided beatings you’ll ever see in the UFC” (quote via MMA That’s not the kind of thing you hear getting batted around very often.  The card’s official scores were 30-27,30-27, and 30-25….

White also offered this assessment of the lightweight bout.

“We’ve all seen it before,” White said. “First of all, Lauzon looked terrible. He looked like he wasn’t even there. On the other side, [Johnson] looked f—ing awesome. It was one of those things where he (Lauzon) had the worst night he ever had, and he (Johnson) had the best night he’s had in a long time.”

It certainly was a massive win for Johnson, who was coming off a submission loss to Reza Madadi and a UD defeat versus Myles Jury. The win likely saved his UFC roster spot. For Lauzon, however, it was his second straight UD defeat, as in December he lost to perennial contender Jim Miller. The submission guru is 2-3 now in his last 5 bouts.

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