Despite the likely removal of heavyweight title contender Alistair Overeem due to an elevated level of testosterone his drug test, UFC President Dana White says that we will in fact still see the champion Junior dos Santos defend on May 26th at UFC 146. White had gone on to hint that it is up to the commission at this point whether Overeem will be allowed to fight or not on that date. Huh? Though Overeem does have a second urine sample (taken the same day) that he may request to be tested, it is unlikely White is referring to sample B resulting any different. Overeem’s sample A was said to be 14:1 on the tested levels of testosterone. Meaning that he had 14x or more (max measurable) testosterone than the accepted level for a fighter.

Could that mean that Overeem may have a chance to lower his levels for the bout? Would the commission really allow a fighter to compete after a failed testing? There may be more developments behind the scenes with the NSAC  causing the UFC to hold off on making a decision to move in a new challenger as we’ve seen the UFC do hastily in the past. It takes time to re-market the card with the new addition or shuffle as all promoting assets will need to be recreated. The current assumption is that if Overeem is officially removed the next viable option would be former champion Frank Mir.

Source: NBC Sports