Dana White is apparently so certain Anderson Silva will come around to the idea of rematching Chris Weidman, the UFC President has quickly shot down any notion that Vitor Belfort could challenge the new champ next. While it’s no secret that White has already committed to granting Silva an immediate rematch, since he did seem to be pretty good at being champion, so far, Silva hasn’t agreed to anything.

So, with that in mind, White was asked about Belfort’s title shot prospects, which have been seriously emboldened by his wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. Just last week, a pretty riled up Belfort relayed he should be next in line for a title shot. Of course, that was before Weidman defeated the legendary “Spider”. This is what White had to say about “The Phenom’s” ongoing title shot campaign:

“Anderson Silva’s gone undefeated since 2006, he’s beat everybody and held the title; he deserves the rematch. Chris Weidman said that before he even fought him. Vitor’s going to have to wait. He’s not getting the rematch. He can text, he can tweet, he can writing f–king letters, he can call his congressman, he can do whatever he wants to do, he’s going to have to wait. Anderson Silva’s getting the rematch.”

Looks like any Belfort booster club that was organizing a letter writing campaign might as well hold off, until Silva decides on what his next move is going to be. If the 38 year-old legend decides he doesn’t want to pursue the belt after all, then you would think the UFC will tap Belfort for Weidman’s first title defense. It’s just really hard to imagine Silva returning to the UFC without pursuing the belt at the same time, even if he relayed after the loss that the pressure of being champ is huge.

It will be interesting to see how long the UFC gives Silva to decide whether he wants an immediate crack at the belt or not. What if a few months go by and he still isn’t on board with a rematch? Belfort-Weidman could make a lot of sense then.