Nick Diaz may or may not have failed a drug test after fighting Anderson Silva, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn’t like his vigorous legal defense when he appeared before them, so they suspended him for five years. Then came the amazing outpouring of support for Diaz – from seemingly everywhere, including a Nevada senator and Cher. When someone started a White House petition seeking action, the requisite number of digital signatures was met and exceeded… and now the White House has responded, and they’ve said they’ll send in some troops.

Just kidding. As predicated, the White House deferred to the State of Nevada on the matter. Listen, our country is founded on a number of governmental principles, and one of them is that the states be allowed to do their thing when it comes to governing their individual citizens. Unless it’s a matter of gross violations of civil rights, it would be uncharacteristic of the federal government to butt in.

But hey, at least they responded. Right? Here’s what they said:

A response to your petition on the suspension of Nick Diaz:

Thank you for your petition regarding the Nevada Athletic Commission’s suspension of Nick Diaz.

The federal government plays no role in the disciplinary actions taken by state athletic commissions, so we are not in a position to address the specific request raised in your petition. State authorities — in this case, the Nevada Athletic Commission — will generally be the best source for information about those kinds of issues.

However, we appreciate that so many of you banded together to make your voices heard through this platform.