It seems that UFC president Dana White has cooled off in regards to his anger with champ Jon Jones’ refusal to fight late replacement Chael Sonnen at UFC 151. During last nights interview on UFC Tonight, White points out the fault of the injured Dan Henderson who he says took two weeks to tell him of the injury.

“Dan Henderson knew two weeks before the fight,” said White. “Two weeks before he told me he was injured, he knew. And if he had given me those two weeks, like he should have, this fight might have happened.”

In regards to Jon Jones?

“I’ve got no animosity towards Jones,” said White. “We’ll find out how our relationship is as we move on. This thing is a little weird. It’s never happened before.”

White now understanding of Jones’ faults.

“Jon is a young guy and he’s made mistakes that young people make. Who doesn’t at his age? If I went back to being 23 years old with a ton of fame and a ton of money, that’s when you make all your mistakes. The great thing about making your mistakes in your 20s is by the time you’ve established yourself in your late 20s and 30s, you’ve already made all your mistakes and you can conduct yourself the way you should.”

“I give Jon Jones a lot of slack. The guy is young. I’m never going to tell you because Jon Jones didn’t fight in 151 that he’s a terrible fighter. He’s a phenomenal fighter. Anyone who’s watched the UFC long enough and knows my personality, they know how I am.

“Anyone who’s watched the UFC long enough and knows my personality, they know how I am. I’ve dealt with the baddest dudes in the world for the last 12 years, and that’s what I like doing. I like fighters. I like how they think.

“They can be a little hard to deal with, but that’s part of the game.”

Trainer Greg Jackson however is not being removed from blame for the first cancelled UFC event in history.

“He’s definitely to blame, too, but there’s never been a case, ever, in UFC history, where a guy didn’t step up and take a fight. I had pretty good reason to be upset.

“The thing you have to understand about Greg Jackson, too, and I’ll say it again, I said it before, this guy’s a businessman. First and foremost, before anything, this guy is a businessman. He built a business.

“‘We’re a family.’ That’s what he kept telling Rashad Evans and Jon, so they wouldn’t fight, because ‘we’re a family.’ I told Rashad and Jon, ‘He’s not your family. Greg Jackson is not your family member, okay? If things go bad for you, tomorrow, Brother Greg isn’t gonna be there for you. Is he gonna pay your bills? Is he gonna take care of your family? Your real family? No, he’s not.’

“And, you saw, when it came down to it, when push came to shove, who did Greg Jackson pick? He picked Jon Jones, the guy that he believed would beat Rashad. That’s a fact. That’s a business. He’s a businessman.”

Transcribed by The Underground