It looks like the two men who were said to be next for Jon Jones will now be facing off against each other, according to UFC boss Dana White. The UFC President admits that the removal of Lyoto Machida’s title fight was due to his refusal to take the late notice fight against Jon Jones at UFC 152. With Dan we know White was not happy to find out that Henderson was aware of his injury weeks before letting him know.

“[Machida] should have taken the fight. We’ve seen it, history always repeats itself. Look how long it took Rashad (Evans) to fight for the title again. So you wanted to fight Jon Jones, you climbed up to the title fight and you don’t take it. Now you’re fighting (expletive) Dan Henderson. Now you might not even get to the (expletive) title again. You lose to Dan Henderson you’re not anywhere near Jon Jones,” White said via

“You jump on opportunities when they’re available. You get a shot at the title, the biggest money fight you can be in, the highest profile fight you can be in. And if you win that (expletive) fight, the whole world changes overnight.”

“For Dan Henderson, it’s the last 30 seconds of the last round on the last day of sparring and (Rameau Thierry) Sokoudjou goes to (expletive) throw him like a Judo throw and pops his knee out. It was almost over. What are you getting out of the last 30 seconds and he goes to throwing him in some crazy judo throw and pops Dan’s knee out. It just one of those things,” White said.

“Me and Ed (Soares) thought Machida would take the fight then he turned the fight down,” White said. “The press conference was going to start in minutes and I literally had just got done (expletive) fighting with Jones minutes before that. Now I’m (expletive) talking to Soares and I’m like ‘Machida will take this fight, right?’ Yeah I don’t see why he wouldn’t take it. This is what he’s wanted, he’s been waiting for this fight and has got four weeks to train for it. So I’m like (expletive) it, I’m just going to go with it.”

It’s important to know that the bout is not finalized at this point. Both men need to agree to the contract fight at this point. You can only imagine the retribution we would see if either man were to deny the bout. The match-up seems to be made out of discipline to their recent actions that made the UFC match-maker Joe Silva’s life hectic as of late.