Saturday night’s TUF Finale ended with a bang, marking the final showing of the series on its newer home of FX. The debut of the females on the long running series will be welcomed by the new Fox Sports One channel. During the post-fight press conference, White was quick to praise the UFC’s partnered Fox distributors, but not before flexing on the disgruntled fans, not receiving Fuel TV.

“People are bitching about fights being on Fuel. How about the fights not being anywhere. How about nobody being able to see the fights. How about that. Because that’s the way it would of been if we wouldn’t have been with a big company like Fox.”

“They spread our programming across all their platforms. You know FX isn’t even a sports network, and they put us on FX. The people at FX welcomed us with open arms and worked with us to help build the show and do all these different things. The experience over there has been phenomenal. They kept every word they ever said to us and I’m excited about Fox sports one.”

White also let it be known that the change in venue may also be a permanent change. After the Hard Rock Hotel decided to go with their Def Leopard residence over the UFC event, White says they may have made a big mistake.

“I wasn’t crazy about it when the deal went down because what happen was Def Leppard had residency over there [Hard Rock] at the same time, so we had to come over here. This worked out fantastic. Hard Rock shouldn’t have let us do this. I like it. I like it a lot. I tell you what, we might be moving again, I like it over here.”

Formerly an advocate against female mma, Dana now has no problem admitting that the girl fights ‘don’t suck.’ The UFC pres. was also quick to shoot down any talks of transgender fighter Fallon Fox in the UFC.

Women’s fights don’t suck. They’re very good, I love it. They’re fantastic. And I love this division we have. This 135 division, like I said when we [first] did this, is very competitive.”

“Im not falling for that. Fallon Fox is nowhere close to the UFC.”

Press also took note of the newly slimmed down CEO. White was happy to show his best Bonnar impersonation, followed by complaints of his new health requirements to deal with Ménière’s disease.

I’ve been on this diet because of my ear, and it sucks. I’d rather have my weight on.
I was having a lot more fun when I had on my weight. You have to get on this crazy diet where you can’t have any salt and I can’t have any [angerly] alcohol.