The hype surrounding Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald’s UFC on FOX 8 bout was huge, but unfortunately, the welterweight scrapped failed to deliver the memorable action people were hoping for. So in other words, no one ended up having any “horizontal television time”.

MacDonald ended up outscoring Ellenberger for the unanimous decision win,  in a bout that was largely spent on its feet, but featured few heated striking exchanges. Afterwards, UFC boss man Dana White had this to say about the lacklustre affair (quote via MMA

“When you get these fights where guys talk s–t, those fights always suck,” White said. “I think that for Ellenberger to go out and say [MacDonald] doesn’t deserve to be in the top-10 and then not go out and try to prove that he doesn’t belong in the top-10…Ellenberger literally did nothing.”

White was also quoted in a press release from FOX stating:

“It was terrible fight. I think if you go out there and if you want to prove you’re one of the best, and your opponent tells you you’re not in the top 10 in the world, and then you don’t do anything to prove him wrong, it shows. Robbie Lawler went out and made an impression. I thought Jake Ellenberger did nothing at all. He tried to do nothing, and so Rory stood on the outside and did just enough to win, but he didn’t try to impose his will on Ellenberger or go for the finish or submit him.”

MacDonald defended his performance by noting that he didn’t “rush in” on Ellenberger, as the welterweight’s known to be a powerful counterpuncher. Although plenty of folks likely aren’t thrilled about went down, there’s no question it was a pivotal win for “Ares” and a big setback for Ellenberger.