It’s been four months since Dan Henderson put on the instant classic against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. Many assumed that would put the imported Strikeforce champ in title contention, yet the UFC’s title picture in Henderson’s weight classes of 205 lb. and 185 lb. have been queued with other grudge match-ups. White revealed that the 41-year-old former Pride champion is fine sitting out for possible title shot.

“He wants a title fight. He either wants Anderson Silva or whoever has the belt at 185 or the winner of Evans and Jones,” White said at the recent UFC on Fox 3 press conference in New York City. “Last time I talked to Henderson, he wanted to wait to fight one of these guys for the title.”

Henderson just wants a belt. Who could blame him or deny him. The mans had belts in different divisions, in two competitive organizations, just not in the UFC. Henderson is assumed to even fight fellow friend Chael Sonnen according to White.

“He’ll fight whoever has that belt,” said White, musing on situation. “Dan doesn’t seem too picky, I think he would fight Chael Sonnen (if he won the belt from Silva).”

The likely hood of his title shot coming at light heavyweight is more plausible since it’s where Henderson has been finding his recent success and because of the earlier title fight between Jones vs. Evans clearing the way. It’s always good to have backup though as Henderson is open to the winner of Silva vs. Sonnen, which will take place later this summer.