After several UFC vets spoke out criticizing the promotion’s compensation model, a disgruntled Dana White countered by saying he might cut fight night bonuses, and in turn, increase what lower tier fighter’s make. More recently, White said the promotion would talk to fighters first before any decision was made, and during a media call today to promote UFC on FOX 8 he confirmed the bonuses are staying (quo via MMA

“At the last press conference, I talked to the press I told them we’re not doing away with the fight of the night bonuses,” White said. “After I said that, I got a lot of feedback from the fighters. The fighters want the finish bonuses. They want the finish bonuses and they want the discretionary bonuses to stay the same, so, that’s that.”

So, if you’re totally new to this whole MMA thing, fight night bonuses include “Knockout of the Night,” “Submission of the Night” and “Fight of the Night.” While in the past, the amount of the bonuses fluctuated depending on the magnitude of the card, more recently the promotion has been handing out a flat rate of $50,000 to each winner.

So, with the bonus system still in place, a fighter has a chance to earn an extra 50K, when their show and win money might only be say 24 grand. The promotion, and fans, also like the system as it drives fighters to finish fights rather than cruise for the decision win (although the latter happens rather often as well).

Looks like folks can keep predicting the “FOTN” and “KOTN” for the foreseeable future.