There has been considerable speculation that Vitor Belfort will be tapped for a title shot, thanks to his recent mind blowing stoppage wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, and Dana White has acknowledged that it could happen.

While speaking at a pre-UFC 160 event Thursday, White was asked about what’s next for the 36 year-old “Phenom,” and although nothing’s confirmed, the UFC President stated (quote via MMA

“It would make sense for [Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman] fight, and that’s not far away. Those two fight, and we see what happens, or Vitor could fight again. I don’t know. But he could fight either one of those guys.”

White also relayed that the promotion has not been booking Belfort for bouts in Brazil because of the fighter’s TRT use, and the fact he’s not cleared for the treatments in Nevada. White says, rather, that they’ve been doing so because Belfort “sells out in Brazil.”

And what did White think of Belfort’s recent win over Rockhold? “Vitor looked great. Spinning back kick – he looked awesome.” That he did.

Silva and Weidman are set to fight at UFC 162 on July 6th.

Photo by Jason Da Silva – USA TODAY Sports