News of Anderson Silva’s willingness to step in and fight a light heavyweight fight against any fighter, except his newly found friend, LHW champ Jon Jones – reached the UFC organization just hours short of the official cancellation of UFC 151.  Dana White clarified with UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani that Ed Soares, Anderson’s manager was making attempts to contact the organization, just short of the bad news to let it be known that Anderson was willing to step in, despite not being in the best shape right now.

White admits that he would’ve never expected that attitude from the middleweight champ, who had been quoted recently to say he is not willing to fight again in 2012. White says he responded with an appreciation of the offer, but the decision had already been made. Jones will now face Vitor Belfort on Sept. 22 in Toronto after Lyoto Machida turned down the title fight.