The kingpin of the MMA world, Anderson Silva isn’t going anywhere according to UFC President Dana White. During the most recent Metro PCS live chat with Dana, he touched once again on re-signing the middleweight champion after his last two fights on the contract are fulfilled.

As White explains, they offered Silva an eight fight contract which Silva denied, only to counter with even more fights.

“Fuck that, I want a 10-fight deal,” Silva said. Or at least that’s what White said Silva had told him. Whether Dana injected his own ‘fuck’ is unknown, but likely.”

At the age of 37-years-old, Silva seems to be willing to fight right into his 40s, just as we had seen former champ at 43, Randy Couture do successfully. With Silva not looking to slow after taking out a ‘PED using’ Stephan Bonnar and nemesis Chael Sonnen in 2012.