Video: Fight Replay: Velasquez/dos Santos

Perhaps a sign that Dana White was not completely happy with the outcome of the UFC’s premiere on Fox, considering the bout only lasted 64 seconds.

“Listen, I’m no strategist and I’m nobody’s coach but I don’t understand why they didn’t go for the shot early. They should have shot in on Junior Dos Santos knowing that he has the power early in the fight and tries to knock you out. But the truth is that Junior Dos Santos gets tired at the end of fights, you know? Here he is standing right in front of him trying to trade and bang with Junior Dos Santos and gets hit with that big right hand right behind the ear and down he goes. Down goes his heavyweight championship. I’ll say it again, not saying that I’m some strategy coach but I don’t know why they wouldn’t take the shot on him and wrestle early.

It’s one thing to feel a fight out but when you’re standing right in front of a guy that you know his biggest weapons are his hands and he can knock you out and this thing is a five round fight. Get in there and start working him. Stay busy and put him against the fence. Rough him up and tire him out a little bit and bring it into the later rounds where Junior Dos Santos is well known for getting tired.” – transcribed by