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Luke Rockhold took a year off after his stunning defeat at the hands of Michael Bisping, and on Saturday night the former Strikeforce star got the job done against David Branch, pounding the jiu-jitsu black belt out. So what now?

A rematch with Bisping would be Rockhold’s best-case scenario. After all, Bisping did take the middleweight belt from him. But that bout doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards, what with Bisping supposedly taking on Georges St. Pierre next in a superfight that will likely generate more cash for the UFC than anything Bisping and Rockhold do together.

There are options in the next weight class above, but the light-heavyweight champ is Daniel Cormier – Rockhold’s teammate – and they’re not going to fight anytime soon either.

Whenever he gets a microphone thrust in his face, Rockhold comes off as a douche. But he’s going to ratchet that up quite a bit if he’s going to talk himself into a superfight with someone.

‘Cause right now, superfights are his best option.

Everybody calm down. I got this.

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