Legendary fighter Mirko CroCop was supposed to be the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 79 in South Korea, but when he got wind of the USADA sniffing around, he fessed up to using HGH and abruptly retired. He was subsequently suspended for two years, but whatever.

Except now a Croatian newspaper is saying that the test results have come back clean… so what the heck is going on?

As per MMAFighting:

Mirko Cro Crop may have never failed a drug test. That doesn’t mean his suspension will be rescinded.

The Croatian media outlet Vecernji reported Saturday that Cro Cop received his drug test results from USADA on Friday and that they were all negative. Vecernji reported that Cro Cop, the MMA legend, got an email with the results from USADA CEO Travis Tygart.

That information might be accurate, but Cro Cop’s two-year suspension will still stand, USADA spokesperson Annie Skinner told MMA Fighting.

“Regardless of whether Mr. Filipovic was actively using a prohibited substance during the time of his test, he admitted to the use, attempted use, and possession of human growth hormone (hGH), which are all violations of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy,” Skinner said.

It is, of course, a big “if” on the Croatian newspaper’s reporting of the drug test results. They could be lying, after all. But regardless, Cro Cop dropped a dime on himself. Homeboy is stuck.