This UFC is swinging the axe this weekend, sending out termination notices to what could be 50 fighters on their roster. Some of those who’ve suffered a blow include TUF 19 winner Eddie “Truck” Gordon…


…and longtime Octagon denizen Marcus Brimage.

It’s a harsh reality that fighters are literally fighting for their jobs each time they step into the cage, but that’s the business, and everyone knows that when they sign on the dotted line. The terms of UFC contracts are such that they can literally let a fighter go almost anytime they want.

And that’s how it should be. The longevity of a fighter’s career is a short one, and more often than not there are peaks and valleys to performance. Look at Anthony Johnson and Andrei Arlovski – they were both cut from the UFC, but they took that time to regroup, polish their skills, rack up wins elsewhere, and now they’re back and kicking ass. Who’s to say Truck won’t go back to regional promotion Ring of Combat and realize his full potential? Who’s to say Brimage actually won’t return to the UFC a monster?

Another facet to consider is how the terms of a contract – likely signed a couple years ago – are no longer favorable to one or both parties, and a release is necessary. Sometimes a renegotiation at a later date is just what the doctor ordered.

Yes, it sucks that a bunch of fighters are going to be out of a job. But this is just the system at work, and the system has worked thus far.