This is not the way we wanted to see the former greatest pound-for-pound go out. After almost being finished in the first round with a punch behind the ear that dropped  Anderson Silva — the champ Chris Weidman was able to finish the fight in the second. Just not the way he or anyone else wanted it to finish.

If you’re not aware of the “freak injury” that we’re referring to, it was the bone snapping leg of Anderson that caused the stoppage. Weidman would reveal afterwords that he was expecting those fully turned kicks from Anderson and purposely checked it with his knee to the shin. Ultimately, Silva’s leg would split, leaving the gruesome incident burned in to our retina’s. If you’d like to see the kick that ended the rematch (wouldn’t recommend), here it is.

Update: The UFC has reported that Anderson’s broken leg was successfully operated on last night and they have succesfully placed a rod in his left tibia. Recorvery is estimated at three to six months.