Undefeated top middleweight Chris Weidman is doing everything he can to earn a title shot. Everything except follow the lead of two-time contender and trash-talking extraordinaire Chael P. Sonnen. The New York-based fighter clarifies that he would rather stay humble and do his talking in the cage.

“I just think I got to keep winning. Get my name out there. I won’t have to be the guy talking all the time. If you look at all the champions, none of those guys are talking smack. Usually it’s the humble guys that are champions. That’s the kind of guy I want to be, not Chael Sonnen. Even though I like Chael Sonnen”

Though Weidman may not agree with Sonnen’s tactics in earning title shots, he seems to respect his talents in the Octagon. As far as Sonnen earning another recent title shot, however, Weidman believes he is not the legitimate contender, but the profitable opponent.

“As far as fighting, no. As far as entertainment and bringing tickets to the table, yeah. It’s also entertainment and he’s tough as hell. It’s going to be a tough fight. You know, Chael Sonnen is really good at  what he does. Probably tougher than anyone I’ve seen in there. “

“I’m doing alright. We’re actually back in the house, on the second floor. The first floor is still shot, but we’re doing well. I’m doing physical therapy on my shoulder, and looking forward.”

When can we expect Weidman back in a fight?

“Probably June. I’m seeing myself back in June. I’m hoping May, but probably June.”

“Think it should be an interesting fight. Excited to watch it. I think it’s one of those things were Belfort’s freakin’  jacked and powerful. The first couple rounds are going to be tough. If Bisping is able to survive, I think he wins, if not I think he loses.”