Undefeated 28-year-old middleweight contender Chris Weidman (9-0) may not have his title shot yet, but it doesn’t stop him from hyping a match-up between himself and middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Weidman tells Sherdog Radio that should he have Anderson in the precarious positions that Chael Sonnen had him in, it’s “game over,”

“It’s a business and I understand what [Anderson Silva’s camp] is doing,”┬ásaid Weidman. “So I don’t take it personal. It’s just, I put a lot of work in and my goal is to be champion, and I know I can beat Anderson Silva and I know I did enough work to get that fight. I know I’m a terrible, terrible match up for him. If I get my hands on Anderson Silva it’s game over. I’m not kidding. If I get on top of him like Chael Sonnen got on top of him, I really believe in myself, I’m really going to finish the fight.”

“I think I have the tools to beat him. I’m younger, I’m bigger than him, if not the same size, I have a longer reach, I know I have better wrestling and better jiu-jitsu. His stand-up is unbelievable, but I know I have the reaction time and the understanding of stand-up to where I’m not going to get knocked out from out of nowhere.”

Weidman was originally scheduled to face Tim Boetsch this weekend at UFC 155, however an injury had forced the New York native out of the likely contenders bout.