Chris Weidman like all other fighters wants badly to fight for the UFC middleweight title, but he is not going to fight just anyone to get there. According to Ariel Helwani, who spoke to Weidman, Chris wants to fight the winner of Brian Stann and Michael Bisping, which takes place at UFC 152, because he believes fighting the winner will  guarantee him a number one contenders spot, should he defeat them. This is interesting since Alan Belcher was assumed to be a good fit for Weidman next before the year is out, considering that Belcher has been calling him out since Vitor’s dropout of UFC 153. Helwani says that is not in Weidman’s plans however.

“His [Weidman’s] response was that he’s still hoping and waiting for a fight with Anderson Silva, but the UFC still has not said if he will fight him. If he can’t fight Anderson Silva, he said he would like to fight with a number-one contender fighter, but he believes that Alan Belcher isn’t that fighter given where he’s ranked. So what he proposed is fighting the winner of the Bisping vs. Stann fight, for a number-one contender spot.”

So, it looks like Belcher is just not ranked high enough for Weidman to accept his call out. What if Demian Maia had turned down a fight with Weidman because he was not ranked high enough? Then he probably would have never fought Mark Munoz and been int he position he is now. Perhaps for Weidman, the risk is not worth the reward. Fighting and losing to someone like Bisping does not make you lose that much momentum. Fighting someone dangerous like Belcher and losing drops you down further since he is relatively unknown. The UFC does think highly of Weidman, but it doesn’t mean he is guaranteed the fight he desires. The UFC will likely wait out UFC 152 to see how things play out before making a final decision on Weidman’s next opponent.